Wednesday, January 26, 2011

don't mind if i do

some cooking projects to get excited about:
in today's NYT restaurant review
buys whole Rhode Island squid and stuffs it with paella rice she cooks with chorizo, red pepper, onion and saffron. For vinaigrette she smokes her own tomatoes and tosses them with sherry vinegar, salt, olive oil and a bit of palm sugar. A cook sears the squid just long enough to heat the rice through and give its body a faint crust, then places it on a soft bed of tiny white beans cooked in crème fraîche, with a cloak of those smoked tomatoes and a hat of cilantro.
don't mind if I do.
and, I have a large turnip collection and the only tasty food i could think to use them in is from dim sum, basically just following the principle that anything can be tasty if you make it into a batter and fry it.  but i don't have a steaming basket and haven't gone out of my way to obtain one.  but this recipe i found just has you steam it by putting a cake pan inside a large wok with a lid.  and this one is even vegetarian.  and if i make those there should probably be other dim sum to go with it, in other words, dumplings.  maybe it would be worth buying a steamer.
and, mushroom barley soup recipe i want to find again
and, vegan dinner party this friday, tentative plan is polenta w/ mushroom ragu and roasted root veg maybe with some kind of vinagrette?  and bread, which i should feed the starter now if I want to have my own bread.  ok, go.